Octave Tormore (DT) vs Càrn Mòr Tamdhu (MMcK)

When I was a kid and watched adults take down shots of vodka, I never really understood what they meant when they said about someone, “he doesn’t know how to drink“. Later, of course, I realised that it’s all about handling one’s alcohol [and behaving properly while intoxicated]. But I think it also can encapsulate […]

Tamdhu 12 vs Càrn Mòr Tamdhu 1997 Single Cask

I’m pretty excited about today’s pairing. First of all, because it’s from one of my only recently discovered and immediately newly favourite distilleries, and second, because I get to compare an entry-level distillery bottling against an independent, albeit a much older single cask whisky. It already sounds like the 22-year-old will win this round, but […]