Dalmore 12, 2005, 2002 vintages, and a 21-year-old

Today’s pairing is courtesy of @TweetTastings which partnered with Dalmore to showcase three of its latest offerings, plus a special and an exclusive preview [more on that below]. I’ve been a fan of Dalmore for nearly two decades now [possibly more] and feel like it always had a presence on my shelves. The 18-year-old in […]

Fettercairn 16-Year-Old vs Fettercairn 22-Year-Old

It’s interesting to compare one distillery against the other. Especially when I pick bottlings of equal age, style, ABV and most importantly, their maturation process. It’s only then the slightest notes of one begin to possibly outshine the shadows of the other. But what about bottlings from the same distillery of different ages, ABV and […]

Fettercairn 12-Year-Old vs Oban 12-Year-Old

So many times, I’ve celebrated a successful pairing. Perhaps the pinnacle of this [so far] was in my post last night, where two of my beloved distilleries and their expressions went head to head, and then I called a draw. But what about failures? We don’t seem to share them. We want to be perceived […]

GlenDronach 12-Year-Old vs Macallan 12 Sherry Oak

This is going to be another fine pairing. Mostly because followers of The Macallan are also big fans of the GlenDronach. These distilleries are from the same region [although the GlenDronach has been re-classified as a Highland whisky] and produce a fantastic single malt pretty much in the same style. Although The Macallan has seriously […]

Mortlach 13-year-old vs Balvenie Single Barrel 12

I am very excited about today’s tasting! Mostly because I’m pairing Mortlach 13, which is a natural cask strength single malt from the refill and virgin oak casks, with a very similar style single malt from Balvenie, which is a 12-year-old first-fill [same as “virgin”] single barrel. Both from Speyside and pretty close to each […]

Tamdhu 12 vs Càrn Mòr Tamdhu 1997 Single Cask

I’m pretty excited about today’s pairing. First of all, because it’s from one of my only recently discovered and immediately newly favourite distilleries, and second, because I get to compare an entry-level distillery bottling against an independent, albeit a much older single cask whisky. It already sounds like the 22-year-old will win this round, but […]