Douglas Laing Rock Island vs Ledaig 10-year-old

I am desperately trying to get to some sense of normalcy. Even if it’s a routine that is outside the normalcy as I’ve known it up till now. And this pattern, which I established and enjoyed at the end of last year [2021], had me pairing whisky side by side. This was before the almost […]

Douglas Laing Big Peat vs Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dhà

Writing about whisky during the ongoing insanity of current events is no different than writing about music. In the process, with these words, these sounds, and the warming feeling at the centre of my body, I seek refuge from the unnecessary clash. It’s still a little difficult to truly ‘enjoy’ either one of these activities, […]

Port Askaig and Elements of Islay Tasting

Last night I went to [another] tasting hosted to Soho’s Milroy’s showcasing Elixir Distillers‘ two Scotch whisky brands: Port Askaig and Elements of Islay. I was initially going to compare these side by side and cover them as a regular writeup on here [after all, this is the concept behind these musings], but since instead […]

Crabbie’s Yardhead vs Monkey Shoulder

I open up the next surprise hiding behind door number nine of this year’s advent calendar [from Drinks by the Dram], and it’s a 30ml bottle of Crabbie’s Yardhead single malt. I have never heard of this label, so I immediately look it up and find that Tesco is selling it for £22, while Amazon […]