Nikka Coffey Grain vs Nikka Coffey Malt

I’m having a sort of love/hate relationship with the Japanese whiskies lately. Some of it may be coloured by the fact that many distilleries hid the source of their ingredients and, prior to the most recently announced regulation, have even repackaged Scotch whisky under the Japanese label. This shouldn’t stop me from enjoying the dram, […]

Blind Tasting #1

Today, or rather over the course of a couple of days, I set upon a blind tasting of six drams, courtesy of The Spirits Embassy. Given that each sample is indeed only about 30ml, I do not intend to consume all of this alcohol in one sitting. I mean, of course, I can, but I […]

Crabbie’s Yardhead vs Monkey Shoulder

I open up the next surprise hiding behind door number nine of this year’s advent calendar [from Drinks by the Dram], and it’s a 30ml bottle of Crabbie’s Yardhead single malt. I have never heard of this label, so I immediately look it up and find that Tesco is selling it for £22, while Amazon […]